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Front Pages

This Daily Telegraph front page from November was widely criticised for demonising Conservative MPs who opposed Theresa May’s plans to set a final date for Brexit.
Some compared it to the “enemies of the people” front page run by the Daily Mail in November 2016, and felt it set a dangerous precedent.
However, others made fun of the page’s arrangement, comparing it to an old-style introduction for a family sitcom.

Most controversial front pages of the past 12 months

2017 was a big year for news – which means it was also a big year for British newspapers.

Whether it was Brexit, sexism, or the General Election, the papers always had a front page ready to capture the national conversation.

Some of these were loved, but most caused a storm in what was a whirlwind year for news.

Either way, these are the front pages that left a lasting impression and will be remembered beyond the year.

Without further ado, these are the eight most controversial British press front pages of the year.