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The most expensive cell phones in Canada

No. 5: LG V30
Price: $1,100
LG Canada’s slick new bezel-free phone will be available in the country on Oct. 20. The company’s new flagship device will retail for $1,100 outright or about $400 on a two-year term with partial financing, according to Android Central.
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The most expensive cell phones in Canada, and some inexpensive alternatives

It’s an unavoidable expense: To be an independent, socially aware and (for the most part) fully functioning adult in 2017, you need a smartphone. But as tech companies continue to boost their devices processing power and features, they’re also boosting their prices. That means consumers have to dish out top dollar to ensure that their devices keep up with that ever-increasing rate of change.

With that in mind, click through the gallery to see how much the top-of-the-line phones currently cost in Canada and for those who don’t have enough in their budget, five frugal alternatives.

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