Most popular Plymouth surnames will help you discover your Janner roots

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

If you're a true Plymothian, you might have pondered about the origins of your surname. If you're a Speare, Blake or Drake, even your name has Janner-roots.

The website Named allows you to delve into the history of your last name. This resource was developed by researchers at University College London's Department of Geography. It's quite straightforward. Users simply input their surname into the website and a heatmap of the UK is generated.

This map then displays where the majority of people with your surname originate from. Red signifies the highest concentration, while yellow indicates areas with the fewest people sharing your surname.

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We decided to put the website to the test using some surnames we believe to be local.

First up was Speare - as in Larry Speare - the locally renowned carpet mogul. As our screenshot shows, the name Speare is highly concentrated in the Plymouth area.

So Larry, you can rest easy knowing you are very much a Janner.

Speare is a popular name in Plymouth and the South West
Speare is a popular name in Plymouth and the South West -Credit:Named

Next, we tried Drake. Naturally, we had to test it for Sir Francis Drake - and lo and behold, it's local - but more so on the outskirts of the city.

The highest concentration for Drake in the South West is between Yelverton and Exeter and in Dorset, around the Blandford Forum, Bruton and Wilton areas - but not as much as some of the other names we tested.

The name Drake shown on a heatmap
Drake shows up in the South West -Credit:Named

The surname Blake was very popular over the Plymouth and Dartmoor areas, but most concentrated around the Liskeard and Saltash areas.

We also decided to test the name Tribble, inspired by Plymouth's own glamorous Shelby. The results showed a high concentration of this name in Plymouth, South Brent, Torbay and Kingsteignton.

Next on our list was Smith - a common name, surely? However, it seems that it's not a typical Janner name. See the results below!

The surname Smith is not popular in Plymouth
The surname Smith doesn't appear to have originated from Plymouth -Credit:Named

You can try out your own name here - do let us know if you discover a true Janner name.