The most stomach-churning public toilets in south east London

The most stomach-churning public toilets in south east London
The most stomach-churning public toilets in south east London

We can all probably think of a time we’ve rushed to the closest toilets whilst out in the open, but which is the worst public restroom to wind up in south east London?

On top of the lack of funding, lack of accessibilities and lack of care, public toilets are slowly but surely diminishing across the UK, specifically in south east London.

We asked News Shopper reader s where the worst public toilets are in south east London – and to put it frankly, they seem to be everywhere.

Some readers pointed towards Woolwich, others towards Lewisham and some readers pointed to all of the south east London areas.

Some readers didn’t even know there were any public toilets left.

Here, we’ve rounded up some top responses: Yvonne Harris said: “The ones at Eltham Pleasurance were eye-watering a few years ago.

“Not been since, perhaps they've been upgraded?”

To which Emma Jade responded: “Nope, still bad.”

Simon Collins said: “Definitely Woolwich – I refuse to set foot in them.

“The smell is so bad; it’s stripped the paint off the floor.”

Denise Farrell said: “All of them.

“Bring back the toilet attendant that used to look after them years ago.”

Faye Bonfield said: “Marks & Spencer's Lewisham.

“It's a bit of a relief when they are both out of order to be honest.”

Chris Cloke said “Are there any?”

Lou Lou said: “Asda Bexleyheath rotten.”

Jemma Cartwright said: “Woolwich market ones are so bad.”

Lorna Boyzone Cotterill said: “Dartford park ones are disgusting at all times- I avoid them.”

Grace Gale said: “Asda Swanley stink rotten all the time.”

Maxine Barry said: “Fox and firkin Ladywell.”

Jenny LeBeau said: “Woolwich.”

Jess White said: “Every McDonalds.”

Les Curtis said: “All of them because no one looks after them anymore.”

Natalie Newman said: “Crystal Palace Sainsburys Or Crystal Palace park.”

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