'Most Terrifying Moment': Seafarer Video Shows Cargo Ship Under Attack by Houthis

A seafarer aboard a cargo ship struck and damaged by an uncrewed Houthi attack vessel on June 12 has described it as the “most terrifying moment” of his life, and thanked the US Navy for rescuing him and his crewmates.

Footage and images posted on Facebook by Joshua Wong Sawan show the attack boat, and the moments after its impact on the Tutor, a Greek-owned, Liberian-flagged bulk carrier.

Wong Sawan said he felt a “shock wave” as he was on the bridge. He said an aerial drone attack followed, but missed his ship.

The Houthi attack caused flooding and damage to the engine room of Tutor, and the crew were rescued by sailors assigned to the Dwight D Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group, US Naval Forces Central Command said.

On June 17, White House spokesman John Kirby said one crew member had died in the attack.

The 21 surviving members of the crew were repatriated to the Philippines. Credit: Joshua Wong Sawan via Storyful

Video transcript

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