Most Voters Believe Clinton Broke the Law With Emails and Want to See FBI's Files on Her, Poll Shows

Harriet Sinclair
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    OMG, did Newsweek actually publish this article?
  • j
    In her case ignorance of the law excused her. That has never worked for anyone else.
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    matthew B
    Now she is blaming Sanders for her failures. LOL!!!
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    ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!!!!!! News week has been hijacked and actually reported the truth.
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    and this is why she lost the election not because of bernie sanders. She is untrustworthy, dishonest and unethical.
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    Always Right
    Wow! Newsweek ACTUALLY puts out an article that has nothing to do with Trump and is negative about Crooked Hillary? Has Hell frozen over?
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    I'm glad she lost the election.
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    Just when you think she couldn't get any uglier, she resurfaces...and she has.
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    Drain the swamp and start with the biggest swamp rat of them all!
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    well there you go FBI...there is your "lack of public interest"..RELEASE THE FILES and no more behind the door meetings..ALL MEETINGS SHOULD BE PUBLIC