Mother blackbird tries teaching child how to eat a slug - before the baby dashes off with it

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Watch the comical moment a mother blackbird tries and fails to teach her unruly child how to eat a slug - before the sneaky baby snatches the whole slug and dashes off with it. 

The comical treecam footage, shared by nature-lover Timothy Barker, 67, shows the mother blackbird demonstrating over and over how to eat the slug - but at first her baby can't seem to get the hang of it. 

As the mother grows frustrated, the sneaky baby bird thinks up a new plan - and surprises its mother and nearby sibling by snatching the whole slug all for itself. 

The entertaining video, filmed on August 5 in Timothy's garden in Paignton, Devon, shows the mother and sibling's utter bewilderment as they watch the baby dart off with the remains of the slug. 

Moments later they are seen chasing after it into the undergrowth in a panicked bid to reclaim their lunch from the naughty child. 

Retired Timothy said: "Myself and my wife have been enjoying having blackbirds and their chicks in our garden this year - and seeing the wonders of nature on our camera. 

"We were amazed to see the mother giving her baby a very clear lesson. 

"It made us laugh and felt it would amuse lots of other people too. 

"It is reminiscent of an old Benny Hill comedy sketch. 

"I've seen lots of 'talking animal' adverts on TV and this reminded me of one of those - but without the editing!" 

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