Mother of bullied Keaton Jones denies 'trying to make money out of his plight'

Ella Wills
Video of Keaton Jones, from Tennessee, tearfully recounting the bullying he has suffered has been viewed more than 22 million times

The mother of a Tennessee boy who highlighted the plight of millions of bullied children has denied trying to make money out of her son.

A clip of Keaton Jones detailing how he had suffered bullying was viewed millions of times after his mother Kimberly posted it on social media over the weekend.

It prompted a wave of support from celebrities including Justin Bieber, Mark Hamill, Katy Perry and Avengers star Mark Ruffalo who offered Keaton and his mother Kimberley Jones guest spots at a film premiere.

Keaton's mother has denied accusations that she was exploiting her son's torment for money. A GoFundMe account set up by a member of the public that amassed nearly £45,000 ($60,000) has been shut down.

The GoFundMe page, which was intended to help raise money for Keaton's future, was originally set up by Joseph Lam who said the video "really touched my heart."

MMA fighter Joe Schilling claimed Keaton's mother had asked him to share a GoFundMe page when he offered to take Keaton to see a fight.

He wrote on Instagram: "I feel pretty stupid right now. I was pretty moved by Keaton Jones' video so I reached out to his mum and was going to bring him out to LA for a Bellator event that's coming up, big show, and and introduce him to fighters, be his friend, and she just wants money. She just wants me to share her GoFundMe account."

His post has since been deleted but the fighter encouraged his followers to donate to Speak Out Against Bulling in a post on Monday.

Ms Jones disputed the claims, telling Fox News: "I did not tell him that I would rather have donations instead of the help from celebrities."