This Mother-Daughter Makeup Tutorial Will Absolutely Melt Your Heart

Danielle Gray of the Style and Beauty Doctor just created the perfect Mother’s Day makeup tutorial. (Photo: Youtube/The Style and Beauty)

Over the past few months, we have witnessed everything from dads and daughters narrating makeup tutorials to drunk boyfriends playing along as well, but just in time for Mother’s Day, Danielle Gray of the Style and Beauty Doctor released a YouTube video that included a special co-star — her lovely mom.

The clip begins with Danielle introducing her mom and explaining what her role would be in their mother-daughter duo tutorial. “You’ll tell the people all about your fine life, and how you have such a beautiful and loving and godly daughter — and I’m your favorite,” says Danielle. Her mother, Claudette, quickly replies, “Questionable.”

As we get further along in the video, Danielle and Claudette reflect on the dynamic of their relationship and discuss everything from Danielle’s childhood to life decisions she has made along the way. Additionally, her mother offers her thoughts on some of today’s beauty trends.

“I’ve wanted to do a video with my mom for a while — especially after I posted about her immigration story and my readers suggested we should do a video together,” Danielle shared with Yahoo Beauty. “Plus, as you can see from the full video on my YouTube channel, she has a lot of personality, and I knew people would relate and admire our dynamic. Also, the Kin Community approached me about doing a collaboration with some of their other creators for Mother’s Day. It was perfect timing!”

Claudette has always been a bona fide beauty girl and has been into makeup and fashion since her earlier years. “I vividly remember her rocking red lips back when I was a kid — she’s also a fashionista and has been killing the outfits since her early days in Trinidad,” Danielle shares of her mother’s glamorous ways. She also can recall her mom selling Mary Kay, and being the first person to take her to get the perfect foundation match for her skin tone.

Danielle Gray’s mom, Claudette, has always been into beauty and fashion. (Photo: Danielle Gray)

Some of today’s beauty trends can be a little over the top (barbed-wire eyebrows, anyone?), and Claudette shared her thoughts, saying, “I like it natural. I find that some of the shades kind of have like a matte foundation and makes the skin look like you have a mask on. I mean, you can see the difference between the face and the neck.”

She continued, “I’m saying, to me, if it’s more natural, as close to the skin color as possible — so people can say, ‘Is she wearing makeup or is she not wearing makeup?’ That’s what I like.”

Could Claudette be the next big beauty vlogging sensation? The jury is still out, but judging from Danielle’s comment that her mom loves social media, the daughter agreed that it’s totally possible. However, she says, “I don’t think the world is ready for my mom to have a YouTube channel.”

For most of us, our moms are our first beauty superheroes, and after looking at this inspiring video, anyone can observe just how “she-roic” Claudette Gray is.

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