Mother Duck and Ducklings are Ready for Pond

Occurred on April 23, 2017 / Beuningen, Gelderland, Netherlands

Info from Licensor: "Mama Duck entered my garden for the first time in 2015. One morning I heard a ticking sound in the garden and when I looked I saw her with her 12 little ones, ticking on my window. I put away the dog, opened the front door and then the back door and she walked trough my living room. Of course I helped her cross the street to get her and her kids to the water.

Six weeks after her first breed she returned, I think because all her children were dead by cars, cats, etc. She breeded for the second time that year and I helped her out again. Last year she came back and had another 10 sprouts.

Eight weeks ago I saw her in our garden, but her usual nest kept empty. So I thought she'd chosen another area. How glad and a bit emotional I was when I heard ticking this morning (April 23) and I saw her again with 10 children!

Hope she can protect her kids from all the danger and that she comes back next year!"

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