Mother of missing Houston man searches for answers in mysterious disappearance

It has been over a month of “unimaginable” anguish for Tiffany Robinson, the mother of 26-year-old Taylour Young, who went missing on Dec. 9 in Houston, Texas.

Video transcript


TIFFANY ROBINSON: #BringTaylourHome and #TaylourYoung is not about just a hashtag. It's about a human. It was a Thursday. It was evening. I had just called Taylour. It was, like, 7:00-something when I called his phone.

I-- then he didn't answer. I texted him. He didn't respond. He a skateboarder, and everybody don't stay by their phone, so he usually would call me back. So I didn't think nothing of it when he didn't answer the phone.

And next thing you know, I heard a knock at the door. It was the young lady he was dating or is dating. They had been dating for less than a year. And she said, like, I didn't-- I've been texting Taylour, but we haven't spoke since earlier today. He's not responding to me.

I said to myself, somebody had to put this phone there, or he put the phone there himself, but the responding officer only saw his car go through the drive-through. So they said, well, he didn't put his phone there. That's what the responding officer said. They ruled out foul play because they didn't see nothing happened at the ATM.

The area where his phone was found, the area is very busy and have cameras everywhere. So if-- in my opinion, if it was a carjacking, if it was a robbery, yeah, somebody got in the car with him, but I can't say none of that because nobody reported any suspicious behavior in that area. I have ruled out random act of violence.

I now believe that this is somebody who probably know him that did something to him. Who? I don't know yet. I don't know if he had a credit card with Capital One or anything. But if we had that to see if he used his card somewhere else as he was leaving, we can then determine a direction to take.

The police have submitted all the necessary documents. I just don't know how Capital One have all the paperwork and knowing that it's concerning a missing person, and he have accounts at the bank, why would they treat their clients like that? He's responsible.

I know my child is not going to just leave and not call me, not call my sister, not call his dad, not call his best friend who he talk to every day. So I cannot imagine why someone would want to hurt him.

He and I like to hang out at Cheddar's. And we just went in the back of the restaurant and said a prayer and then happy birthday and let the balloons loose.

- Happy birthday, Taylour!

TIFFANY ROBINSON: When I got home that night, I couldn't stop crying. I woke up crying. This is unimaginable. I just feel that it's not over till God say it's over.

It's hard to post, help me, every day. And nobody know nothing. Nobody's saying nothing. I think about did he eat? Is he cold? Is he suffering? And sometimes I say, I hope he somewhere looking at us, saying, my mama go too far.



My mama go hard for me. I just needed a break. But I don't think that's the case.

I usually turn my phone off, and I have my favorites set to if my son or my siblings or my mom will call, my phone will ring. I can't turn my phone off no more because I don't know what phone number Taylour going to call me from. His phone was in the bushes.

I don't know, like, what to think. I just want to always believe that he coming home. I just want his story to be known, to be out there. Texas is very huge, and so it's just me, and I can't do it by myself.


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