Mother of newborn triplets shares how they react differently after eating

While they might not be easy to tell apart, one mother has captured how differently her three children react after being given the same five ounces of milk.

Jocelyn, who goes by the username @lesbi_honest_20 on TikTok, took to the platform to share a video of her triplets - daughters Willow and Eden, and son Juniper - along with the on-screen text: “When the same 5oz hits different.”

She then filmed her children one by one, as Juniper was seen crying from still being hungry. Eden was relaxed with her bib on after having a full meal, while Willow managed to fall asleep with her eyes rolled back.

“Took this while we waited for more milk to heat up for our hungry Juni boy!” Jocelyn captioned the TikTok. “It’s crazy how much they are growing into three unique individuals. I love learning more about them every day.”

Since it was first posted on 19 October, the video has gained more than 11m views, with many people joking about how the triplets are a total representation of their moods. “The three stages of milk drunk,” one commenter joked. “We got the crier, the ‘I might be drunk’, and the one you have to carry home every time.”

“Different reviews same restaurant,” another user joked.

Some commenters mentioned how much Eden’s sleeping reaction made them laugh, with one commenter writing: “I wasn’t expecting the second one, so I was really surprised by the third.”

Another commenter agreed, adding: “Omg the third one just transcended.”

In an interview with Today, Jocelyn revealed that her triplets’ reactions weren’t that uncommon compared what she’s witnessed before. “Juni is our biggest eater. He can eat and eat and eat. My wife was in the kitchen heating another bottle for him when I started recording,” she told the outlet. Jocelyn explained that the best way to describe baby Eden was exactly like how she acted in the TikTok: “Happy-go-lucky.”

As for why baby Willow ended up falling asleep, the mother said it was because of how small she is compared to her siblings. “She’s our little peanut,” Jocelyn called Willow. “Five ounces for her is a lot.”

However, she noted that Willow makes up for her small size with her outlandish personality, especially because she’s the oldest.

“Willow came out first. She’s been giving side eye since the day she was born, and has to know what is going on with everyone. She’s our nosey Nancy,” Jocelyn told Today. “The NICU nurses used to joke that Willow was judging them!”

The triplets’ differences don’t stop with their eating habits either, as Jocelyn mentioned that the babies vary with their sleeping habits too. She explained that Willow is her morning person, Eden is her night person, and Juniper isn’t either and is “somewhere in the middle.”

“Eden is up until 2am and then she’s grumpy when she wakes up and won’t even look at you until after 11,” Jocelyn said. “It’s actually kind of funny. That girl is not a morning person.”

The Independent has reached out to Jocelyn for comment.