Jobless mum-of-five shouts ‘F**k this!’ as she’s jailed for urinating on war memorial TWICE


Kelly Martin has been jailed for seven months (Picture:SWNS)

An unemployed mother-of-five has been jailed for seven months after she drunkenly urinated on a war memorial on TWO separate occasions.

Kelly Martin, 42, provoked huge outrage when she first performed the indecent act on the memorial in Grays, Essex, in broad daylight last April – when it was still covered in Remembrance Sunday poppy wreaths.

She then repeated the lewd behaviour only two months later, a day before the 100th anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Somme.

Yesterday, Martin was heard shouting ‘f**k this’ as she was led to the cells at Basildon Crown Court after being sentenced to seven months behind bars.

Delivering sentence, Judge John Lodge said: ‘Each of these offences is so serious that only a custodial sentence is appropriate. The two cases of outraging public decency involve urinating on a war memorial.

‘Inevitably war memorials were constructed at the centre of towns and villages so on a daily basis people could be reminded of the sacrifices made by people who died.

‘People use them as a place around which they congregate and that’s not wrong, but when people take that step further and abuse them by urinating on them, that’s a matter the court needs to take very seriously indeed.’


The lewd act was caught twice (Picture:SWNS)

He added: ‘What makes your case particularly bad is, having been caught doing it one time when the nation was commemorating the worst battle of the First World War, you were caught doing it again in the middle of the day.’

Martin was also found guilty of a charge of assaulting a paramedic after throwing an empty bottle of Smirnoff vodka at his head, and rubbing her naked bottom on his leg.

She was also convicted of using abuse language against a paramedic on the same day.

Martin was sentenced to a month in prison for the first count of outraging public decency, and was given a three month sentence for the second offence to run consecutively – along with three months for the assault and use of abusive language.

Describing the first incident on April 13, prosecutor Juliet Donovan recalled the shock of the police officer who witnessed it.

‘The officer described her has having a beer in her hand and struggling to pull her trousers up, the officer then said he was disgusted and shocked to his core that someone could be so offensive’, she said.