Mother Samantha Baldwin charged with abduction gave sons drugs

A mother who is accused of abducting her two children had been giving them drugs and made a false abuse allegation against their father, a judge has revealed.

Samantha Baldwin was arrested last week after being found with the boys at a holiday park following a nationwide search.

Judge Jeremy Lea issued a statement on Monday saying that he had heard evidence on the allegations against the father by Baldwin and had concluded that they were false.

"In my judgment I found that the father had not perpetrated sexual, physical or emotional abuse against the boys as alleged by the mother, or at all and that the allegations made by the mother were false," he said.

"I also found that the mother genuinely believed that he had done so, but that her belief was irrational and that the evidence of abuse was unreliable."

The judge said she had also given the drugs benzodiazepine and zolpidem - both sedatives - as part of her efforts to prove her case against the father.

"This began as a private family case between a mother and father. They had separated. They had been in dispute over the amount of time that their two boys should spend with the father," the judge said.

He added that he was releasing details of the allegations and his judgment as the children "need to be protected from much of what has been inaccurately reported about their parents and about what has happened to them".

The two boys are currently being cared for by the local authority.