Motor expert names 'deceptively quick' discontinued car to look out for

-Credit: (Image: Publicity Picture)
-Credit: (Image: Publicity Picture)

A car aficionado has highlighted a head-turning hot hatch that's also a steal for the price. YouTube sensation Jonny Brighton, famed for his channel Cars With JB where he showcases thrilling yet affordable motors, has recently spotlighted a range of zippy hatchbacks - with one in particular stealing the show.

The standout vehicle is the now-discontinued Hyundai i30 N - a deceptively speedy hot hatch that doubles as an excellent everyday car. The good news is they're somewhat affordable - you can see them on the market for less than £13,000 even though they were more than £35,000 when you could buy them new.

He noted that Hyundai's decision to axe the i30 N, along with its i20 counterpart earlier this year, wasn't due to lacklustre sales. Instead, Hyundai chose to end their performance-brand internal combustion engine program to focus on achieving "zero tailpipe emissions form their performance cars."

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Jonny remarked: "It is quicker than most [other hot hatches] and it is more useful than most from a day-to-day perspective too, and one that is probably the best value for money."

This shift means moving towards fully electric vehicles, which the South Korean manufacturer aims to complete over the next ten years, reports The Sun. He says it is equipped with a 2-litre turbo engine delivering 276 bhp, enabling it to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds.

Jonny added: "The only thing that I think lets this down compared to the other cars is its lack of more aggressive styling, considering it's actually pretty quick for a front-wheel drive hot hatch."

He then added that despite its flaws, the humble car isnt bad looking, crediting its design to the same man who has lent his talents to BMW's prestigious M division. When put side by side with other nigh-on-new hot hatches, the i30 N serves as an economical choice, being available second-hand at a reasonable price - with no less than £18,000 sure to have you in the driver's seat in no time.

It appears hot hatches are indeed evoking much interest presently, as another automobile guru recently highlighted a certain Renault model as a future classic a seeming steal, readily available at used car dealerships near you for less than £8,000.

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