Motorcycle rider rescues drowning dog from canal in Thailand

This is the heartwarming moment a hero motorcycle rider rescued a dog that was drowning in a canal.

The stray pooch was frantically splashing around in the filthy water in Bangkok, central Thailand, on Tuesday (November 26) morning.

But the motorbike taxi rider shuffled along a concrete beam and lassoed the dog with a long rope.

He then dragged it to safety, while making sure that the aggressive dog was unable to bite him.

Footage of the dog rescue was captured by Panisara Sirimethakun while she was walking to work.

Panisara said she was near her office when she noticed the man in the orange waistcoat jacket and so she stopped to look.

She said: "The motorcycle taxi guy is a hero who saved the dog's live. It's very lucky he was the only person who saw the dog struggling.

''He risked falling into the water and being bitten by the dog, which was frightened and aggressive.

''I believe there are so many friendly people out there and everybody wants to thank him for saving the dog, as there's no way it would have been able to get out on its own.''