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    Toyota C-HR Hybrid review: style over space – but still plenty of substance

    Who is buying the Toyota C-HR? On the face of it, this compact SUV – well, more of an elevated hatchback, like the Nissan Qashqai – shouldn’t be all that popular. The accepted wisdom is that SUV buyers need and want practicality. Yet with its claustrophobic rear quarters and relatively small boot, this is one trait in which the C-HR doesn’t excel.

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    Range-Rover’s hefty Sport knows its market

    Big, brash and decadent ... luxury sports utility has a makeover

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    Four tips to avoid being bamboozled by political statistics and data

    The comedian Vic Reeves said that 88.2% of statistics are made up on the spot.

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    The best cheap – but safe – first cars to buy your grandchild (and the one to avoid)

    For young people facing rising insurance costs and low wages, the idea of buying a car can sometimes feel sickeningly out of reach. So if you’re a grandparent who’s fortunate enough to be in a position to help, you may well be contemplating buying your grandchild their first set of wheels.

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    'For some of us, they are pointless': 78er on NSW apology for laws against homosexual acts

    While many of his friends were inside NSW parliament to witness the historic moment the premier, Chris Minns, apologised for the laws that criminalised homosexuality, 78er David Patricia Abello braved the rain with protesters. He said he was in favour of 'real apologies that aren't political' but believed that the one being issued was 'taking advantage of the politics of the moment'

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    Ask the Expert: Will I be able to insure my Australian-market car if I import it to the UK?

    I am moving to the UK from Australia and I am considering bringing my 2021 MG HS 2.0T Excite with me. Leaving import issues, DVLA registration and tax aside, will I be able to insure it in the UK? Also, might servicing and repairs cost more than for a UK-market model?

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    A T rex has arrived in Melbourne, but how did it get here without breaking a bone?

    Discovered in South Dakota USA, and clocking in at 66m years old, Victoria is one of the most complete and well-preserved T rex fossils on the planet. She is also the biggest T rex fossil to be shown in Australia and is on display at the Melbourne Museum until October. The fossil of Victoria comprises 199 bones, spans more than 12 metres in length and towers over us at 3.6 metres tall. Matilda Boseley went to meet Victoria and learn how such a delicate fossil safely made its way from South Korea