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    "I detected my son's rare cancer using flash on my mobile phone"

    A mum detected her son's rare cancer using the flash on her mobile phone camera. Sarah Hedges, 40, was cooking shepherd's pie for dinner when she looked across at son Thomas, three-months-old, and saw a "white glow" in his eye. The mum-of-four said it was reflecting the light "like a cat's eye" and took photos with the flash turned on using her phone to see if she could spot it again. She Googled what she saw - and reports said he might have cancer - so she showed the photos to her GP.

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    Ask the Expert: Why does my Mercedes keep going into limp mode with no warning lights?

    My Mercedes GLC 250 lost all power on a French motorway. The engine did not cut out, but went into limp mode. Mercedes-Benz told me to switch it off then on again. The problem went away, but cropped up again a few days later, at which point I tried a dealer. However, a diagnostic check revealed no fault codes. It was suggested the car could be sensitive to French supermarket fuel, however the problem has also occurred in the UK. Any ideas?

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    Average working parent relies on this many people to raise a child

    When it comes to raising a child, it’s all hands on deck — the average working parent relies on six different people to support their child’s growth and development. That’s according to a survey of 2,000 working parents of children under the age of 10. Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Lightbridge Academy, the survey found that family members such as their child’s grandparents (46%), extended family such as aunts, uncles and cousins (27%) and siblings (26%) are included in their “village,” as we

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    National Motor Museum announces vintage MGB GT as top prize in charity draw

    The National Motor Museum is offering a 1972 restored MGB GT as the top prize in its 2025 draw.

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    Volkswagen takes the fight to Tesla with its best EV yet

    The ID.7 might take some getting used to – and not just its looks. That’s because the ID.7 is the next big thing for Volkswagen. It is to the familiar Passat family saloon as the ID.3 is to the Golf – if not a direct replacement, then an electric successor, which will sit at the top of Volkswagen’s EV range.

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    Flying car model unveiled at Mobile World Congress

    A working model of a car that can fly at the Mobile World Congress tech show in Barcelona has sky-high ambitions.

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    Small electric cars are suddenly sexy as Renault reveals its R5

    “Renault’s new baby,” screamed The Evening Times headline in December 1971 as the French manufacturer revealed its all-new R5 model. In the US they called it Le Car and in Europe it was the darling of every young thing, old thing, in fact anyone with a driving licence. It was France’s best-selling car for 10 years and over two generations from the start of the 1970s to the mid-90s Renault produced more than nine million of the things. Success, then? Oui!

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