Motorist Caught On Video Driving Car With Van On His Roof, No Big Deal

One motorist has quite literally taken the “man with a van” to the next level.

Video footage has emerged from Spain of a man driving down a street in his car.

Nothing special about that, you might think. Except he was driving down the street in his car with a white van on top of it.

The amazing video clip, filmed by another motorist who pulled up alongside the man with the van on his roof, is said to originate from somewhere in northern Spain.

In the clip, the driver is in a Ford Focus that has a Renault van on its roof, precariously facing in the other direction, for some unknown reason.

It is thought the footage might have been filmed in the city of Zamora.

In the video, the person driving behind the bizarre car/van combo can be heard swearing in disbelief, before pulling alongside the driver of the Ford Focus and saying: “You just had to be from Zamora!”

At this, the driver with the van on his roof just agrees.

However, comments on YouTube claim the footage is from the nearby city of Segovia, north of Madrid.

The authorities are trying to identify the driver of the bizarre car and van stack.

(Pictures: Central European News)