Motorist smashes SUV through supermarket wall, scattering goods across floor in China

A female driver crashed her SUV through a supermarket wall in northern China, sending goods flying. In CCTV footage captured on November 21, a black SUV suddenly broke through a glass wall and crashed into the supermarket, damaging the shelves. Fortunately, there were no customers nearby. The cause of the accident was reported to be a misoperation by the driver. Mr. Qin, the head of the supermarket, said that just 10 seconds before the accident there were customers in front of those shelves. The shelves have been reformed overnight. Given that the broken glass residue may remain in the packaging of the products, for the safety of customers, affected goods have been removed from the shelves. The insurance company is currently handling the claims. The video was filmed in Xinyang, Henan province, and provided by local media with permission.

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