Mountain Climber Films Treacherous Ascent of Austrian Peak

If you’re prone to vertigo, turn back now. An avid mountain climber documented his trek to the summit of Austria’s Hochseiler mountain in heart-stopping video.

Torsten Rogoll filmed his ascent of the peak and shared it to his Instagram account, where he often posts his climbing adventures.

Rogoll had to traverse what he described as either a glacier “or at least a field of solid ice,” even getting sunburnt in the process thanks to sunlight reflecting off the snow.

The end of the video shows Rogoll’s treacherous ascent on the other side of Hochseiler. The peak rises to an altitude of 2,793 meters, according to mountain identification website PeakVisor.

“This was, I believe, the most dangerous part of the day. Just a few meters behind that first rope, there were no hooks, no rope, no nothing. Painfully aware that slipping here means falling down onto the ice, I sped up to be done with it quickly,” he recounted in his Instagram caption. Credit: Torsten Rogoll via Storyful

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