Mounted Police Disperse Protesters, Evacuate Israeli PM's Wife From Tel Aviv Hair Salon

Security forces evacuated Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, from a hair salon in Tel Aviv after anti-government protesters prevented her from leaving on Wednesday night, March 1, Israeli media reported.

Footage by Twitter user @AterRami shows police on horseback amid a crowd of protesters gathered outside the salon.

Local Israeli media outlets said police were called to rescue her as protesters chanted, “The country is burning and Sara is getting a haircut!”

After she was evacuated, Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted a photo of him and his wife embracing. He called on the “anarchy to stop,” warning “it can cost lives.”

Earlier, protesters clashed with police in Tel Aviv as demonstrations blocked roads and public transport as part of action against the Israeli prime minister’s proposed judicial reform.

Changes to the justice system aim to give the elected government decisive influence over the choice of judges and limit the ability of the Supreme Court to rule against the executive or strike down legislation, the BBC reported. Credit: @AterRami via Storyful