Mountune boosts new Ford Focus ST to 330hp

Ethan Jupp
Ford Focus ST Mountune M330

Mountune has squeezed a bit more power out of the new Ford Focus ST. The Focus ST M330 upgrade costs £599 and is available now

The extra power comes courtesy of a comprehensive remap via Smartflash technology, administered via a Bluetooth OBD adapter and a Smartflash app.

Ford Focus ST Mountune M330

Mountune describes the development of the tuning program as ‘akin to that of OEM’ (original equipment manufacturer). That means reliability and a usable feel are pretty well guaranteed.

The package increases power by 50hp to 330hp. And there are added features, too. There’s a no-lift gearshift feature , as well as an improved exhaust over-run. 

Mountune M330: ‘enhancing an already great car’

Ford Focus ST Mountune M330

“We’re delighted to finally launch the M330 package, enhancing power and performance on what is an already great car,” said Alec Pell-Johnson, director of Mountune Performance. 

“Both the M235 and M225 kits (for the Fiesta ST) have been hugely successful since they launched, with customers loving how easy it is to change the calibration of their car direct from their smartphone.

Smartflash is the future of calibration upgrades and we are looking forward to seeing how our customers receive our latest upgrade for the Mk4 Focus ST.”

Ford Focus ST Mountune M330

Three calibrations come with the Mountune M330 upgrade. Firstly, there’s the maximum power delivery, for the full 330hp.

Then there’s the stock calibration, which you can switch back to at any time. Finally there’s anti-theft, which immobilises the car.,

Below is the full list of items included with the M330 package. A high-flow panel filter is available, too:

  • Smartflash EVI Bluetooth OBD adapter
  • MTune Smartlash app, available for both Android and Apple
  • No-lift shift optimisation and enhanced exhaust over-run
  • Slippery mode is turned into ‘quiet sport mode’
  • Three calibrations: performance, stock and anti-theft
  • High-flow panel air filter
  • Mountune badge
  • Mountune zip-up shell case

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