Mouse's head found in hospital canteen meal in China

A patient's family member found a mouse's head in a packed meal from a hospital canteen in southern China. The video was filmed at Xiushan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Chongqing City on June 27. The complainant claimed their lunch of konjac duck turned into a 'konjac mouse' after they uncovered the unappetising object, which bore a striking resemblance to a rodent's head. The horrifying find has stirred local health and market regulation officials into action, launching a thorough investigation into the incident. Late on the evening of June 27, preliminary findings from the Xiushan County Market Supervision Administration confirmed the distressing discovery, stating that upon receipt of the report, they immediately sealed off the object and initiated verification procedures. The authorities have since confirmed the object in question was indeed a rat's head. A staff member from the Xiushan County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital has commented on the matter, explaining that the hospital canteen is not run by the hospital itself but is instead managed by a third-party operator, who was selected via a government website tendering process. They stressed that no such incident has ever occurred before. Following this unsettling incident, the canteen has been temporarily closed. The video was provided by local media with permission.