Moussa Dembele in extraordinary outburst against Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers

Moussa Dembele reacts angrily to Celtic’s refusal to accept ‘significant’ transfer offer from Lyon

Celtic striker Moussa Dembele has directed an extraordinary Twitter outburst at boss Brendan Rodgers as he tries to force a move away from the Scottish giants.

The 22-year-old striker posted a series of tweets clearly calling out Rodgers, while also liking fans’ tweets.

It is understood that Rodgers told Dembele he could leave last January and during the summer, but the Celtic boss has now confirmed a move away is highly unlikely.

This is despite Rodgers confirming that the club had received a £20 million bid from Lyon for the player, but he said that he does not foresee the 22-year-old leaving the club.

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This prompted Dembele to post a meme on his social media account with the caption, “A man, without his word, is nothing. A real man keeps his word.”

A little later, Dembele uploaded another cryptic message for all his fans to see, saying “A lie has many variations, the truth none.”

He captioned it, “Don’t get it wrong Bhoys and Ghirls, nothing to do with people who really care about the club. Too much love and respect for you and the crest #CarefulWhoYouCallTheLeaderOfYours.”

Dembele sat out Thursday night’s Europa League tie against FK Suduva, and after the match Rodgers claimed Celtic needed a replacement before they could sell the striker.

“The club has had a significant offer, it’s been ongoing for a couple of days and we’ve taken Moussa out of it,” Rodgers said.

“We don’t want him to go. We understand the offer is significant, but it’s no good for us. It has to work for both.

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“If we don’t have someone of a certain calibre and quality to come in, then, unfortunately, it can’t be done because he is not a player we want to lose. We’ll see how it goes.”

Dembele also ‘liked’ the following tweet from former Celtic player Chris Sutton.

And Demebele didn’t stop there, liking tweets from various news outlets and fans commenting on the saga.