'We move on' Simon Grix's firm message to London as Hull FC's Herman Ese'ese sees charge dropped

Simon Grix is hoping to move on from the Herman Ese'ese ordeal with the RFL acquitting the Hull FC prop of all charges against him.

Ese'ese had a Grade F charge looming over his head from the Match Review Panel for 'verbal abuse' after London Broncos filed a complaint on behalf of their player Sadiq Adebiyi. The Broncos were asked to provide further evidence after referee Chris Kendall was unsure of what was said in the Super League game two weeks ago.

A specialist sound engineer was then hired to get to the bottom of the audio, with the findings 'compelling' and 'contradicting' of the original allegations. Grix, meanwhile, is hoping that is now the end of it all, with Ese'ese, whose name is now cleared, free to play against Huddersfield Giants on Friday night.

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"Obviously, we're happy," Grix said in his pre-match press conference. "Herman has been great for us this season. He played really well for us the other night, and for a big spell again.

"Often things get said on the field, and they’re left there more often than not. There might have been a difference of opinion on what was said, but I think they've got to the bottom of it now and moved on. We can now hopefully put that one behind us.

"Herman, if guilty, would have gotten some significant time suspended. That wouldn't have been good for us. We're grateful that it has been drawn to a close.

"He has had that hanging over him for a week or two now, which hasn't been nice. That's done now, and we move on, but Herman is good. He’s relieved it didn’t have to go any further. He's fine, and he’s getting on with it."

And while Hull are moving on, London are seeking 'legal advice' after Ese'ese's charges and impeding tribunal were dropped.

"I've seen the same press release," Grix added. "I've not seen anything else. It's how it goes; if they're not happy with what they see in the first Match Review Panel, the evidence might not be there or whatever it may be, it moves up the chain, that's just the process to it, and we're out the other side of it now. We move on."

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