'We moved into dream home and soon met neighbours from hell – but won't move'

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/beyond fotomedia RF)

It doesn't matter how nice your house is if your neighbours are a pain.

Nearby residents can make or break how happy you are in your own home. And that was definitely the case for one woman.

She was delighted to move into the "forever home" she’d always dreamed of living in with her husband. But the excitement was short-lived – as she apparently has “neighbours from hell”.

Airing her frustrations on Mumsnet, the anonymous lass wrote: "We have a cottage with parking under both windows, they have a two bed cottage with, well no parking.

"She kept shouting 'One cottage, one car' and started with 'You have been told'. My hubby had answered the door and was a little shocked and when I went through to defuse the situation she was super grumpy with me too and walked off shouting 'One cottage, one car' like a little mantra."

She also complained about the neighbours' cats "stalking [their] elderly dog", entering their home and fouling in the garden.

Finishing up her post, she added: "I'm at a loss as I feel stressed in our garden, and I love my garden, and it is taking the shine off our new home. I've said to my hubby maybe this won't be our forever home after all, but my mum says we should stick our grounds until they move."

Thankfully, Mumsnetters were there to offer their advice. And many of them instructed the woman not to give her neighbours any attention.

One wrote: "You're giving these idiots far too much headspace. Kill them with kindness and allow them to continue to make fools out of themselves. Do what you want, park where you want and ignore ignore ignore. I assure you that everyone knows what these people are like."

And a second agreed: "Just ignore them - like really ignore them. Park your cars/put your bins where you are allowed. If they move your bins put them back. Get a ring door bell. Go out and enjoy your garden and pretend they’re not there."

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