MP launches furious tirade at Boris Johnson after 'baby forcibly removed from Kabul flight to UK'

PM faces grilling in Commons over crisis in Afghanistan

An MP has launched a furious tirade at Boris Johnson as he claimed a baby was among the family members of people in his constituency that were forcibly removed from a flight from Kabul to the UK.

It comes as the prime minister faces a grilling in the House of Commons amid the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan.

The end of the UK's evacuation efforts from Kabul more than a week ago has left at risk Afghans and UK nationals stranded in the country as the Taliban take over.

Imran Hussain, the Labour MP for Bradford East, said in the Commons on Monday that it was "unforgivable" that the UK left vulnerable Afghans and British nationals behind.

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"But what is completely and utterly reprehensible is that the families of two of my constituents, including a seven-month-old child, were forcibly removed from flights and thrown out of Kabul airport onto the streets – the scene of the horrific suicide bombing hours before," he said.

In a raised voice, he continued to say: "I am absolutely furious and I want to ask the prime minister how on earth was this potentially fatally decision was allowed to happen even after I raised these matters with his ministers sat to left and his right.

Imran Hussain said he was
Imran Hussain said he was 'absolutely furious'. (Sky News)

"And how many others were ejected fro the airport and into harm's away and just what does he have to say to the families the government has now put into grave danger."

Johnson responded that there was "no evidence of anybody being pulled of flights" before urging Hussain to take the matter up with ministers.

During the session, the PM also insisted he will do "everything possible" to help people flee the Taliban, while acknowledging hundreds of Afghans who assisted the UK remain in the country.

But he also confirmed that at least 311 people entitled to resettlement under the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (Arap) are still in Afghanistan.

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He added the government would also respond to emails from MPs asking for assistance by close of play on Monday, amid concerns that thousands of messages went unread during the crisis.

However, Chris Bryant Labour MP for Rhondda said one person has been shot, one raped and one tortured in Afghanistan – all connected to his constituency – since he's tried to communicate their plight to ministers.

He called on the government to organise the channel of communication into one place amid confusion as the Foreign Office, Ministry of Defence and Home Office all respond to the crisis.

Bryant said: "I've sent 143 Afghans who are connected to my constituency to the foreign secretary and to the defence secretary and the home secretary - all three of them because there are three different channels.

"Can I just urge the prime minister to reflect on the idea that has been suggested by countless colleagues on this side that there should be a single triage point.

"Since I have sent in those names, on has been shot, one has been raped and one has been tortured.

"So people are desperate for trying to get the best result for these people. I'm sure the ministers want to help but at the moment it just feels like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing."

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer called for British troops to receive a medal for their "remarkable" efforts via Operation Pitting to evacuate thousands of people from Afghanistan.

He also said UK forces were "let down" by the political leadership of the country, noting: "We are proud of all those who contributed.

"Their story made even more remarkable by the fact that whilst they were saving lives, our political leadership was missing in action."

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