MP pays tribute to Queen with call for special dictionary definition of platinum jubilee

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MP Richard Drax paid tribute to the Queen ahead of her Platinum Jubilee
MP Richard Drax paid tribute to the Queen ahead of her Platinum Jubilee

A Dorset MP paid tribute to the Queen and has called for a special dictionary definition for platinum jubilee in honour of Her Majesty.

MPs addressed parliament to pay tribute to the Queen ahead of her Platinum Jubilee, with Boris Johnson describing the Queen as 'Elizabeth the Great' and the MP for South Dorset Richard Drax describing her as a 'national treasure who epitomises grace, dignity and duty'.

Mr Drax said: "What an honour and a privilege it is for me personally to speak on behalf of my constituents in South Dorset, a very loyal county, to mark the Queen’s remarkable 70-year reign.

"In fact, the monarch’s longevity is such that 'platinum jubilee' is not defined in the 'Compact Oxford English Dictionary', whereas 'golden jubilee' is. The publication refers to the latter as the 50th anniversary of 'a significant event', which it certainly was. Can I make a suggestion for the former? Perhaps it could be defined as the 70th anniversary of our great national treasure who epitomises grace, dignity and duty'.

"I would like to remind the House of the quote that several Members have used—they may have been looking at my speech and cheating—but it is a very appropriate quote that Princess Elizabeth made to the Commonwealth on her 21st birthday. I want to repeat it because it is so powerful and simple: 'I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service'.

"Our Queen has kept her word, and we are all the richer for it.

"I have had the honour and pleasure to serve the Queen for nine years in the armed forces and to meet her in person twice.

"The loyalty the Queen commands from the military is one of the many reasons our armed forces are the best in the world. Many friends who fought in the Falklands war told me that their best friend was the soldier beside them, but that loyalty to Queen and country drove them to commit acts of bravery that no one under normal circumstances would consider; it is called service and sacrifice, which in my humble opinion epitomises the Queen."

He finished his tribute to Her Majesty by saying that the popular Netflix series 'The Crown' - despite not being a fan of the script - inspired him to write the Queen a thank you letter for her service.

He concluded: "Finally, like, I am sure, many in the House, I watched 'The Crown'. I paid little or no attention to the tittle-tattle in the script, but I was blown away by the historical sweep of the Queen’s life and the role she has played in our island’s history for 96 years. I was so moved that I wrote to her simply to say thank you for a life of sacrifice and duty, and a glorious reign that history will record for future generations to come. God bless the Queen."

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