MPs Thrown Out of House of Commons During PMQs

Two Alba Party MPs were thrown out of Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons on July 13 as Boris Johnson took the floor to begin the session.

MPs Kenny MacAskill and Neale Hanvey were ejected by the Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, after Hoyle repeatedly called for order, telling MPs to “Shut up”.

An unseen MP, reported to be MacAskill, could be heard shouting words including “Scotland” and “referendum” prior to Johnson taking the floor.

MacAskill and Hanvey were named and ordered to leave the chamber before PMQs could proceed. Credit: via Storyful

Video transcript


- Mr. Speaker. From tomorrow--


- Sit. Shut up a minute. [INAUDIBLE]. Shh. Welcome. [INAUDIBLE]. Order, order, I say to the [INAUDIBLE]. I will not tolerate such behavior.


- If you want to go out, go out now. But if you stand again, I'll lord you out. Make your mind up. Either shut up or get out.


- I warn the honorable member that if these [INAUDIBLE] incurring [INAUDIBLE]. Shut up a minute. Just show me one. So what want? [INAUDIBLE]. Order, order. Sit down. You won't be in the [INAUDIBLE].

I know one of the honorable members that if they persist in refusing to comply with my order to withdraw, I shall be [INAUDIBLE], compelled to name both of them, which may lead to them being suspended from the house. All right, names.


- To ensure that the honorable member complies-- what's the names?

- Neale Hanvey.

- I order. Shut, shh. Neale Hanvey, I am now naming you and Kenny McCaskill to leave this chamber. So I'll just deal with them. Deal with them. Deal with them, go sit down. Oh, no. Sergeant Adams, escort them out.


- Shh. [INAUDIBLE] Sergeant, get them out.

- Robin Miller.

- Shh.

- Capitol insurrection.

- Now then, let's just see if we can-- Mr. Costa, you don't want to go and escort them to the tea room, do you? No, I suggest not. I think you're going to be better behaved than that. Right, we'll try again after that. Prime Minister, we'll now go to Robin Miller.

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