MPs reject holding a second Brexit referendum

MPs will be given the chance to vote on a second Brexit referendum for the first time this evening (House of Commons)

MPs have voted against holding a second Brexit referendum this evening by a substantial majority of 249 votes.

Most Labour voters abstained on the vote after the party backed down from supporting a so-called People’s Vote but 25 opposition MPs did vote in favour, against the orders of their party.

The vote was defeated by a margin of 334 votes to 85, meaning it would not have passed even if Labour MPs who abstained had supported it.

BTheresa May speaks in the House of Commons. (Mark Duffy/UK Parliament via AP)

Hard Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg tweeted: “A second referendum, the so called ‘losers’ vote’, has now been defeated in the House of Commons so is it is off the table.”

However MPs from Labour and the Independent Group have made it clear they plan to table another amendment on a People’s Vote.

The Independent Group’s Brexit spokeswoman Anna Soubry said: “This is a betrayal of Labour Party members and voters, Labour MPs, Labour’s conference policy and, most importantly, the British public.

“The Labour Party leadership are determined to deliver Brexit, which would harm our country.

“But The Independent Group will not give up. We will keep up the pressure for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.”

Labour MP Wes Streeting, who supports a second referendum but voted against the amendment, said that today was not ‘the right time’ to back another vote.


Theresa May then narrowly saw off a bid by MPs to seize control of the Brexit process.

The Government won the vote on giving Parliament the opportunity to choose another Brexit approach by just two votes, with 16 Tories rebelling against their party.


Jeremy Corbyn lost an amendment that would force the Government to hold debates to find an alternative approach to Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement.


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