All the MPs who voted against Theresa May’s snap general election

Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith
BBC News

MPs have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a snap general election, giving Prime Minister Theresa May the two-thirds majority in the House of Commons needed to authorise the vote.

A total of 522 MPs voted in favour of the motion for an early general election, 325 of which were Conservative and 174 were Labour. Eight of the nine Liberal Democrat MPs voted in favour of the motion, with former party leader Nick Clegg the one MP not listed.

The 13 MPs who voted against a June election included nine Labour MPs, three independent MPs and one SDLP MP.

Mrs May, who had repeatedly stated she would not call for an election before 2020, said on Tuesday that an early election would “deliver a more secure future for our country” as it negotiates an exit from the European Union.

A handful of Labour MPs did not leave their seats to vote during the session. Angus Robertson, the SNP’s leader in Westminster, confirmed earlier on Wednesday that the party’s MPs would abstain from the vote, stating that the Scottish party believes in fixed-term parliaments.

MPs not listed either abstained or did not vote. Over 100 MPs are understood to have abstained.

Here is the list of MPs who voted against the motion calling for a general election on 8 June:

Ronnie Campbell (Labour - Blyth Valley)

Ann Clwyd (Labour - Cynon Valley)

Paul Farrelly (Labour - Newcastle-under-Lyme)

Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour - Poplar and Limehouse)

Clive Lewis (Labour - Norwich South)

Fiona Mactaggart (Labour - Slough)

Liz McInnes (Labour - Heywood and Middleton)

Dennis Skinner (Labour - Bolsover)

Graham Stringer (Labour - Blackley and Broughton)

Lady Hermon (Independent - North Down)

Natalie McGarry (Independent - Glasgow East)

Michelle Thomson (Independent - Edinburgh West)

Alasdair McDonnell (SDLP - Belfast South)

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