Mr. & Mrs. Smith Ends on a Deadly Cliffhanger — Would You Watch a Season 2?

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the season finale of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

We’ve grown kind of fond of John and Jane this season on Mr. & Mrs. Smith… so we’re hoping the season didn’t end the way we think it just did.

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As the season finale opens, John and Jane are still reeling from getting their third fail, and he’s already out of the house when Jane wakes up to a message from Hihi: “TERMINATE! Take out your Smith.” (Uh-oh… did John get the same message?) She goes out to the deli and comes back home — and bullets zing by her in the kitchen. She ducks for cover, but her cat Max isn’t so lucky, as we see blood dripping down from the kitchen counter. (Nooooo!) As for John, he’s bringing home groceries with his mom Denise — played by Donald Glover’s real-life mom Beverly! — when he notices the toilet seat in the bathroom was left up. He sends his mom away and carefully examines the front door, finding a trip wire connected to plastic explosives. He texts Jane: “We need to talk. Now.”

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Finale Jane
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Finale Jane

They meet at the Whitney museum, and they’re both fuming at each other for the sneak attacks. They agree to take it outside, but when John enters the revolving door, it stops. He finds a knife wedged in the door — and a ticking bomb at his feet. Jane walks away triumphantly as the bomb explodes, but John managed to escape just in time, and he chases after her in a breathless sprint through the city. They end up wrestling each other to the ground, and when men step in to separate them, John assures them: “She’s my wife. It’s OK.” They flee the scene when cops arrive, blending in with the crowd, and John calls Jane’s cell with a question: “I need to know if it was real, if you felt the same way, or if it was all lies.” She insists she was just trying to manipulate him, but he thinks that’s a lie, too. Then he gets hit by a cab, and we can see by her reaction that she does care about him. (He’s fine, don’t worry.)

Jane locks herself in their brownstone — and finds John’s mom already inside making tea. She introduces herself as “Denise, Michael’s mother,” and she has some advice for Jane: “He really needs to feel safe, and once he feels safe, he’s going to be Michael.” She knows they’re splitting up, though, and sighs: “It’s a shame. Looks like you guys have a wonderful life.” John, meanwhile, asks Paul Dano’s “hot neighbor” if he can cut through his building to the back door. The neighbor invites him in, and John snoops around, eventually finding a room with blueprints of his building and photos of John and Jane pinned up. He pulls a gun on the neighbor and demands answers. The neighbor’s name is Harris, and he is “an agent… for Sotheby’s.” He’s not a spy; he’s just been coveting their beautiful piece of real estate, which he calls “my Moby Dick.” OK, then.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Amazon Donald Glover Maya Erskine
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Amazon Donald Glover Maya Erskine

John hops the fence and enters his house from the back door, and soon, he and Jane are in a fierce back-and-forth gun battle, taunting each other along the way: “Babe? Pumpkin?… You alive, babe?” The battle continues upstairs as they wrestle on the bed, until finally he knocks her out cold with a potted plant and ties her up. He doesn’t want to kill her, though: He hits her with one of those truth serum injections from Episode 2… and hits himself with one, too. The drug feels really good, actually, and they lie on the floor and giggle together, confessing everything: She failed her CIA psych exam because she has sociopathic tendencies, and he got kicked out of the Marines for asthma and anxiety. They talk about what makes them most sad and maybe having kids one day, and then she asks: “Why did you kill Max?” He didn’t, though… and she didn’t plant the bomb at his mother’s.

Just then, the front door opens: It’s the other John and Jane they had dinner with in Episode 4. That’s who was trying to kill them earlier. They’re often called in to terminate other Smiths, they say, which is what the “extremely high-risk” tier is. But when the other John sneezes, they know he’s going to sneeze two more times, so our John and Jane snap into action, with Jane shooting Other John in the eye and then piling into a panic room with our John. They’re safe — but our John has taken a bullet in the gut. Jane tends to his wound, and he warns her not to open the door to get him help: “There’s no use in both of us dying.” As they lay together, John asks Jane for her real name. It’s Alana, she says. He thinks about it: “I like Jane.” She tears up: “I like John.”

Jane only has one bullet left, but John is starting to fall asleep and succumb to his wounds, so Jane stands up and prepares to open the door to take out Other Jane. She counts down from three… and all we see is the flash of gunfire through a window on a quiet city street. (We also get a mid-credits scene with Harris seeing the chaotic mess in John and Jane’s house and calling a real estate pal to tell him: “I think they might be ready to sell.”)

So did John and Jane survive? And will we get a Season 2? Mr. & Mrs. Smith hasn’t officially been renewed yet by Prime Video, but co-creator Francesca Sloane tells “I think that there’s definitely a lot more story to tell here. And I think that we definitely feel like this is a fully satisfied story if it were to just live on its own. But it definitely has more legs to keep going, that’s for sure.”

Would you watch another season of Mr. & Mrs. Smith? Give Season 1 a grade in our poll, and then hit the comments to share your thoughts.

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