MrBeast Says He’s “Dying Mentally” Filming Weekly Content for Later This Year

Jimmy Donaldson, who’s known on social media as MrBeast, is opening up about the mental toll of being one of the most popular content creators.

A day before winning creator of the year at the 2023 Streamy Awards for the third year in a row, MrBeast wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter) that “in order to upload weekly videos later this year I’ve been filming every single day (and only have a couple days off filming between now and end of year) and I’m dying mentally.”

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MrBeast is known for going all out for his YouTube videos that involve expensive stunts, challenges, pranks and giveaways.

He added in his post, “I hope you guys love these videos when they go up, I’m pushing myself to the max to get them done.”

MrBeast also recently shared that on average, his videos get more than “100,000,000 views in a week” and that “most the video’s views come after the first week.”

The social star grew to success on YouTube throughout the past decade after posting his first video in 2012. Now, as the most subscribed individual on the Google-owned video-sharing platform, he has more than 179 million subscribers, as well as millions of followers on other social media sites.

MrBeast has previously said on YouTube’s The Colin and Samir Show that he is so focused on making content that he has a “mental breakdown every other week.

“I don’t have a life. I don’t have work-life balance,” he told hosts Colin Rosenblum and Samir Chaudry. “My personality, my soul, my being is making the best videos possible, entertaining my fans as best as I can. That is why I exist on this planet.”

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