Ms Marvel episode 1 Easter egg reveals hilarious MCU detail about Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot

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Ms Marvel episode one featured a huge number of Easter eggs to keep fans occupied.

The brand new series, which stars Iman Vellani as Captain Marvel-obsessed Kamala Khan, debuted on Wednesday (8 June).

In the first episode, Khan sneaks out of her house to attend the first ever AvengersCon in New Jersey, where she plans to compete in a Captain Marvel cosplay contest.

The event is filled with many stalls dedicated to numerous characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), including Ant-Man, Thor and Black Widow.

The funniest Easter egg appears at a clothing stall featuring a t-shirt of Guardians of the Galaxycharacter Groot. However, the t-shirt is the first on-screen reveal that nobody in the MCU, apart from the Avengers who have worked alongside him, have any idea what his name is.

Instead the t-shirt calls him Mr Tree, which is even funnier when considering the only thing Groot can actually say is “I am Groot.”

‘Ms Marvel’ reveals funny name MCU world has for Groot (Disney Plus)
‘Ms Marvel’ reveals funny name MCU world has for Groot (Disney Plus)

Earlier this year, official tie-in Marvel promo art revealed that this was the name civilians within the MCU had given Groot, who is played by Vin Diesel.

Vellani has won praise for her role as Kamala Khan – as well as for tackling studio president Kevin Feige about a “wrong” Marvel detail that made it way into the recent Doctor Strange 2.

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