This is how much bridesmaids would make if they were paid

Samantha J. Gross

Not long after a highly anticipated marriage proposal comes a different type of question, which is usually popped with similar grandeur and excitement. It’s the question one bestie asks another after years of dutiful friendship: “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

The answer is usually an affirmative, enthusiastic “Yes!” met with squeals of glee and hugs from one friend to the other.

But, as tradition holds, it's not all cheek kisses and chatter.

It turns out, being a bridesmaid is equitable to having a second job (minus the salary, we should note). According to a survey of 1087 women by SimplyBe, bridesmaids spend around 43 hours total catering to wedding-related duties - that’s more hours than a typical work week. Based on the national average earnings of a wedding planner, a bridesmaid could earn around £323 for the labour.

The survey’s findings suggest that bridesmaids spend the most time attending wedding fairs (13 hours), planning the hen party (10 hours) and shopping for wedding dresses (8 hours). Following closely behind are bridesmaid dress fittings (7 hours) and trials for hair and make-up (5 hours).

However, the job doesn’t stop at pre-wedding planning. On the day of the wedding, most bridesmaids report that they also help with decorating the venue, organising photographs, seating guests and even preparing the honeymoon suite for the couple.

Although the task seems objectively exhausting and difficult, 74 percent of (some impressively patient) women surveyed said that overall, they enjoyed the bridesmaid process after all.

How much could you 'earn' this summer from your duties?

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