How much more likely you are to have a car crash in Birmingham after city named 'worst in country'

Birmingham was ranked as the worst city for crashes in England
-Credit: (Image: WalesOnline/Rob Browne)

A city in the West Midlands has been named as one of the most likely places to have a crash in England. Birmingham came second in the top five list put together by credit and business information firm CRIF.

Although car insurance is rising in price generally, drivers living in areas where the rate of crashes is higher tend to pay more on their premiums. The study ranked Oldham top, followed by Birmingham, then Luton, Bradford and London, reports

Birmingham was the worst ranked city for accidents. Here, the likelihood of a crash is 24 per cent higher than the UK average.

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However, the study noted that Shrewsbury. which is 43 miles away from Birmingham, was one of the safest areas in the UK. Here, the likelihood of someone crashing is 38 per cent lower than the UK average. With a population of around 76,000, the small market town in Shropshire has a lower number of drivers than elsewhere in the country.

Sara Costantini, CRIF's Regional Director for the UK and Ireland, called for insurance companies to offer a fairer pricing scheme for all drivers.

Top five towns/cities with highest chance of collision (probability):

  1. Oldham - +35 percent

  2. Birmingham - +24 percent

  3. Luton - +22 percent

  4. Bradford - +19 percent

  5. London - +18 percent

She explained: "Our research paints a clear picture of where drivers are more likely to experience a traffic collision. Motorists in areas like Oldham, Birmingham and Luton will see themselves at the highest risk of a collision.

"With the cost of insurance skyrocketing in recent times, it's more important than ever for insurers to take account of as much granular data as possible. By doing so, they can create a more precise assessment of our roads and offer fairer premiums for motorists."

According to CRIF's study, drivers in Oldham are the most likely to be involved in an automotive accident.

The Greater Manchester town has a 35 percent higher than average chance of collisions, despite the area having a relatively small population of around 242,000.

Birmingham was also ranked the worst city for accidents, with the probability of crashes being 24 percent higher than the UK average.

In comparison, CRIF noted that Shrewsbury was ranked as one of the safest areas in the UK to drive, featuring a 38 percent lower than average probability of crashing.

With a population of around 76,000, the small market town in Shropshire has a lower number of drivers than elsewhere in the country.

The company also found that Southport, a town near Liverpool, is another safe place to get behind the wheel, with a 37 percent lower collision rate compared to the UK average.