'It's a mud bath': Parklife hit with deluge as crowds leave early and site turns into swamp

Crowds were left 'drenched' after 'torrential' downpours hit Parklife on Sunday night (June 9). The site, at Heaton Park, was turned into a 'mud bath' after heavy rain battered the region on the second day of the huge festival.

Pictures and videos taken at the festival showed sodden crowds, donning ponchos, leaving the swamped site. Many left early with others huddling under trees due to the awful conditions.

Despite huge numbers still remaining to watch Doja Cat perform her highly anticipated headline set, the 'biblical' rain continued to lash down throughout the evening.

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One attendee said fans were left 'drenched' and that the grounds had turned into a 'mudslide'. Others commented on the weather across social media, saying the music was 'drowned out' by the rain.

Showers were expected and had been intermittent throughout the day on Sunday, with revellers donning waterproofs and ponchos as they enjoyed some of music's biggest acts. But the worst of the rain hit in the evening; bringing with it prolonged heavy downfalls.

Posting on X, @MattFoleyLit wrote: "The cold and rain is awful tonight in North Mancs. I think the main takeaway from Parklife this year might be pneumonia."

@jacobbmc2 posted: "Imagine the state of parklife in this rain it’s f*****g bouncing down" as @randomessays wrote: "Ordinarily I can go to bed during parklife and hear the beat of music from the park. However with the rain lashing down tonight all the music has been drowned out. One can only imagine the sogginess there. Still the rain will wash the mud off as they walk back into town."

@perichepsi posted to X: "Me heart goes out to everyone in that rain tryna get home from parklife."

Heavy rain was predicted from the time of opening at 1pm. While the rain did subside for a while, the weather throughout the afternoon was overcast and cloudy, while temperatures peaked at 12C between 3pm and 7pm, they dropped to 10C by the end of the night.