Mudflow Surges Past Steakhouse in Southern California

A dad in Yucaipa, California, was left wondering what might have happened if he’d been “two minutes earlier” on the school run on Monday, September 12, after a powerful “wall of mud” suddenly filled the road in front of him.

Video by Roger Seheult shows the mudflow pouring past the Oak Glen Steak House on Oak Glen Road, causing a man standing closer by to run as it continued to come.

The Yucaipa Police Department issued an evacuation order for the area due to the potential for mud and debris flow from a storm.

Local media said bulldozers worked to clear roads, with mud and debris flows reported near burn scars from the 2020 Apple and El Dorado fires.

The National Weather Service said heavy rainfall brought flooding to parts of southern California. Credit: Roger Seheult via Storyful

Video transcript