Mudslides Trap Residents and Damage Property in Silverado Canyon, California

An overnight storm caused flooding and mudslides in Silverado Canyon, California, on Wednesday, March 10, prompting multiple evacuation orders in areas that were susceptible to debris flow.

Footage released by the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) shows trees, vehicles, and other property damaged from mud and debris.

“Four residents of Silverado Canyon who were trapped in their homes by a mudslide were assisted by firefighters,” the OCFA wrote in a tweet on Wednesday afternoon. “Crews continue to move mud and debris from roadways.”

The mudslides damaged nine vehicles and approximately seven homes experienced mud flow on Anderson Way and Silverado Canyon, according to OCFA. Officials will continue inspecting damage once it’s safe to do so, they said.

The impacted area was burned by the December 2020 Bond Fire, making the region susceptible to landslides when rainfall occurs, according to the United States Geological Survey. Credit: Orange County Fire Authority via Storyful