Multiple Fire Crews Halt Spread of Wildfire in Central Texas

Firefighters from multiple departments worked together to stop the spread of a fire at about 130 acres in Coleman County, Texas, on June 29, local media reported.

Six ground units worked in conjunction with an aerial support team, which dropped flame retardant, to extinguish the blaze.

This video, shot by Coleman Fire Department near Highway 67, shows smoke rising and the fire burns through vegetation. The department said the blaze broke out along railroad tracks in the area.

“Difficult terrain meant that anchor points and firing operations were used in conjunction with direct attack when possible to control the fire and protect homes and livestock in the area,” Coleman Fire Department said.

On June 29, The National Weather Service in San Angelo said the Coleman area and other other parts of central Texas were subject to “elevated fire conditions” due to high temperatures. Credit: Coleman Fire Department via Storyful