Multiple Orcas Spotted in the Shetlands


David and Joanna Breeze were travelling through the Shetland Islands on April 24, when they encountered a series of orcas. They had driven to multiple areas, including Neap, Kirkabister, and Nesting, to look for the killer whales.

They spotted the orcas near Neap when their two oldest sons ran towards the bottom of the hill near the water. When they got to the bottom, they saw the orcas. At first they were 20-30 meters away, but eventually they swam right up towards them.

The uploader told Storyful that “we didn’t feel scared at all just awe struck, it was mind blowing. at one point myself and Richard who had joined us stood on a rock that was 2 feet above the water and 2 whales kept coming up and down in front of us blowing while the others swam back and to in the channel, these 2 did this for i would guess 5 mins and were really focused on us, I don’t think they were thinking we were dinner just curious of us…it was one of the best experiences of his life.”

This video shows footage from the encounter. Credit: David Breeze via Storyful

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