Multitasking 8-Year-Old Vacuums Georgia Home While Dribbling Basketball on Hoverboard

A young basketball enthusiast from Augusta, Georgia, decided that doing his chores was the perfect opportunity to show off his multitasking skills on June 21.

Footage tweeted to ZEKEtrickSHOTS shows eight-year-old Zeke Vozniak vacuuming with one hand and dribbling a basketball with the other, all while riding on a hoverboard.

Zeke’s mother Jaclyn, who captured the feat on camera, told Storyful that he asked how he could help around the house, as he was on his hoverboard — which he has dubbed his “helper board”.

“It amazed me that he was doing all of this at once while actually accomplishing his chores with success,” she said. Credit: Jaclyn Vozniak via Storyful

Video transcript


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