Mum, 50, who sill gets asked for ID when in the supermarket

A 50-year-old mum was over the moon when she was asked for ID while attempting to purchase tobacco. Abbi Franklin, a mother of two, had been feeling her age since celebrating her 50th birthday in March.

But her spirits were lifted after an encounter at a Co-op store just last week. The shop assistant demanded that Abbi show some ID before he would allow her to buy the tobacco.

Abbi, whose daughters are aged 17 and 23, found herself having to go back for her handbag which she'd left with her youngest daughter.

She couldn't contain her excitement, saying: "It was great - my best day ever! " and "I've been bouncing all week because of this."

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Abbi Franklin who was asked for ID when buying tobacco -Credit:Abbi Franklin / SWNS

She continued: "I just kept saying 'you're joking'. And he kept going 'no, I need to see ID'. It was lucky really - I don't usually take my ID out with me."

Despite being unable to work due to health issues, Abbi often receives compliments on her youthful appearance, though people generally guess she's older than 35.

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