Mum caught Covid before giving birth and slips into a COMA on what should have been her wedding day

A mum-to-be caught Covid before giving birth and then slipping into a coma on what should have been her wedding day.

Georgia Macey, 30, didn't get to meet her newborn baby for FIVE WEEKS as she fought for her own life.

She was worried when she tested positive for the virus on September 17 last year whilst seven-and-a-half months pregnant with her first child.

Georgia had decided not to get vaccinated due to 'confusing advice' for pregnant women at the time, but was 'extremely careful' shielding at home with her fiancé Luke Finch, 32, a mechanic – who has asthma.

After testing negative on lateral flow tests at home, Georgia grew concerned when her health deteriorated and, after calling 111, she was advised to go straight to Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford where she tested positive.

Georgia spent an anxious night in hospital alone being closely monitored by doctors, but the next morning her unborn child's heart rate started to rapidly increase.

Concerned for the baby's health, doctors decided to deliver Georgia’s daughter via emergency C-section on September 18

Georgia gave birth to a baby girl called Eliza Georgia Louise Finch, six weeks early, weighing 5lbs 8 oz.

Eliza spent two weeks in hospital, before being discharged and going home with her Dad, Luke, on October 1.

Georgia and Luke had been due to tie the knot on September 30th - but pushed back their wedding due to Georgia's illness - and on what should have been the best day of their lives, Georgia was put into a medically induced coma two weeks after giving birth.

After 10 days in a coma, doctors tried to bring her around. Georgia woke and was able to meet her little girl properly for the first time - five weeks on.

Now the pair are at home in Cranleigh, near Guildford, where both are thriving.

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