Mum ends up topless after her t-shirt get stuck on kids' slide

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Video and words from SWNS

A mum ended up topless in the park after her t-shirt got stuck while going down a children's slide - leaving her just in her bra at the bottom.

Unlucky Yvonne Marsh, 57, gave in to pressure from her family to have a go on the kids’ slide, with hilarious consequences.

Yvonne Marsh
Yvonne Marsh

Her top got stuck at the top - and by the time she got to the bottom she was just in her bra.

Daughter Terri Marsh, 32 and niece Louise Hodge, 38, burst into fits of laughter while Louise's daughter, three-year-old Nicole, chanted "haha - naked!".

Luckily, Yvonne saw the funny side.

Yvonne Marsh
Yvonne Marsh

She said: "It was just a normal day at the park with my family - I certainly never expected that to happen.

"It's typical me being clumsy and all my friends and family in the village think it's hilarious.

"It happened so fast that I didn't really realise what happened when I got to the bottom - but all I can say is I'm glad there were no dog-walkers nearby when it happened!

"I find the video hilarious myself and I've watched it lots of times - I'm glad it can give people a laugh.

"At the time we were all crippled with laughter - we could hardly move and we were almost wetting ourselves from giggling so hard.

Yvonne Marsh
Yvonne Marsh

"It was definitely a good day out."

The video, was filmed on June 8, in Ullapool, West Highlands, Scotland.