Mum feels like the 'unluckiest woman in the world' after tree crashed through her roof on Friday the 13th

A mum admits she feels like the 'unluckiest woman in the world' - after a tree crashed through her roof on Friday the 13th. Lesley Allen, 66, was upstairs in bed when a tree fell on her home - causing catastrophic damage to her roof and conservatory. The mum-of-two says she heard what she felt like 'an earthquake' when the tree came down during a storm at 3am on Friday (13/01). Now, she's waiting for insurers to come round and assess the damage - but is too scared to sleep at night due to the gaping hole in her roof. Lesley from Matlock, Derbyshire, said: "I'm trying to stay positive about things, but its hard when there's a massive tree parked in your living space. "I'm sleeping in the lounge now while I wait for roofers to come and fix the damage - and right now I'm feeling like the unluckiest woman in the world." Lesley has long been fearful that the set of trees surrounding her home, owned by housing association Guinness Partnership, have been unstable. She's campaigned for five years for the tree protection order on the trees, including the one that fell onto her home, to be removed due to fears for her safety. But Guinness have been hesitant to tend to the trees, and after finally trimming them down in Easter last year, Derbyshire Dales District Council restricted how much they were allowed to take off. Lesley claims she was informed chopping them down would ruin the 'amenities' of the sight - but on Friday - on what's deemed the unluckiest day of the year - the worst happened. One of the gigantic trees came crashing down on her home during a storm, rolling off the main roof and falling on the conservatory and rear patio. Lesley was awake when she heard what sounded like an 'earthquake' in the back garden, and rushed downstairs to look at the damage. The tree has left a gaping hole in her roof, which she's been forced to cover with tar pooling, and branches are littered inside her property. An insurer is due to asses the damage to the property tomorrow, but in the mealtime Lesley has been left feeling unsafe in her own home. Retired teacher, Lesley, added: "I knew instantly it was a tree - I heard the crunch of it breaking from my bedroom. "It felt like an earthquake, and I was sleeping right underneath where it hit. "It rolled off the main roof and fell on the conservatory roof and rear patio, causing complete devastation to my home. "I've said for years if these trees came down somebody could be killed, and if it hadn't have been the middle of the night, that may well have been the case. "The tree has broken all the tiles on the roof, and its no longer water tight, so, if it rains, I'm in big in trouble. "For five years I've been in touch with Guinness Partnership to maintain the trees, but not enough has been done, and now this has happened. "I'm currently sleeping in the lounge because I'm scared of hearing the noises above my bedroom." Liberal Democrat Derbyshire Dales district councillor for the ward, Martin Burfoot, said: "I have the utmost sympathy for Lesley. "She has been aware of the danger posed by the offending TPO-protected trees for at least the past year or so. Most of the trees are at least 120 years old. "The two trees concerned have fallen across an important public footpath, which will obviously remain closed for the foreseeable future. "I trust Guinness Housing will take the necessary steps, together with the district council, to ensure that future risks are minimised. "Lesley should not have to suffer any more unnecessary stress in the future." A spokesperson for Guinness Housing confirmed on the day of the incident that a representative was at Ms Allen's address organising the removal of the tree. Both Guinness and Derbyshire Dales District Council have been contacted for comment.