Mum furious as son, 13, comes home from school 'soaked through' his clothes

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Callum is 13 -Credit:No credit

A furious mum has blasted her son's school after picking him up and finding his clothes had been soaked through to the skin.

Lisa Gratton says her lad, Callum, was left 'freezing and shivering' with 'dripping clothes and squelching trainers'. The 13-year-old and classmates played football through a downpour at St Peter's Academy, in Fenton, Staffordshire.

The impromptu match occurred after the last lesson had been held last Thursday (May 16). Students wear their PE kits throughout the school day when they have a PE lesson which means they had no change of clothes and the gym is being used for exams. It comes as The Met Office had issued a yellow weather warning for rain in Stoke-on-Trent on Thursday afternoon.

It is understood that the PE lesson finished 10 minutes early due to the conditions.


Lisa said: "I'm absolutely horrified. He has come home soaked through. He is freezing. They wouldn't let them go inside. They wouldn't even give them the option to go inside."

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"I'm absolutely horrified" -Credit:No credit

"We all have access to the weather forecast and we knew this weather was coming. Those children should not have been allowed to go outside. To be made to play football in this weather is just atrocious."

"He was freezing and shivering and lying on the settee with a blanket over him and normally he'd be upstairs gaming. He was not himself."

Lisa has complained to the school.

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The impromptu match occurred after the last lesson had been held last Thursday -Credit:No credit

She added: "What would have happened if they'd had PE earlier in the day? Would they have been expected to sit in lessons soaked through all day because they attend school in their PE kit on PE days."

"The school say they used to get a lot of people not wanting to do PE because they didn't want to get changed in front of other people. That's why they put this provision in place, which I do like, but you can't have children coming out like that."

StokeonTrentLive has approached St Peter's Academy for a statement following the row.

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