Mum who gave her son a lockdown haircut has been left furious with his school after he was put in isolation due to the chop being 'too short'

A mum who gave her son an at home lockdown haircut is furious after teachers deemed it was "too short" - and put him in isolation. Niall Clews, 12, was struggling to see thanks to his curly locks over his eyes. But with no chance of getting to a barbers, his mum Hannah Clews, 33, got out the clippers. She did her best, buzzing it to a grade two to one on the back and sides, and giving it a snip on the top, and was pleased with her handiwork. But upon his return to school the following week, Niall was told his at-home haircut was "too short" and not in line with school rules, Hannah claims. This video was shot on the 29th March 2021.