Mum goes all out out to cheer up kids and neighbours by putting up CHRISTMAS decorations 3 months early

A mum has gone all out to cheer up her kids and neighbours by putting up her CHRISTMAS decorations three months early - including 5,000 outdoor lights. Caroline Gabe, 47, has covered her house in festive decorations weeks ahead of everyone else for the second year running. The mum-of-three opted to get festive in September last year and decorated the front of her house to raise spirits in the run up to last Christmas. This year, she has done the same again - but has aimed to beat her previous decorations with MORE lights and decorations than before. Her decorations include several 8ft inflatables - including two Santas, a giant tree and an 8ft reindeer - and she says she loves it so much she'll do the same every year. Caroline from Caewern, Port Talbot, Wales, said: "I loved the reaction we got last time - so this year I have gone bigger "I have added more inflatables and nearly two thousand more lights. "It makes me and my kids happy, and it cheers up the neighbourhood - we get lots of people travelling down to see the house. "I will never get sick of Christmas - it's my absolute favourite time of year. "I reckon this will become a routine for us every year now!" Filme on 7th September 2021

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