Mum and husband slammed for getting Universal Credit while working full-time say they 'barely survive'

A Universal Credit claimant says she and her husband work full time but "just about survive". The Department for Work and Pensions claimant Nicola Austin, who is a mum-of-four, has gone viral on TikTok after sharing her experience of Universal Credit and the DWP benefits system.

Nicola explained that her husband worked full time as a team leader in retail and earns £1,500 every month but the earnings are "not enough" to support a family. Nicola and her husband also received a payment of around £1,200 each month to increase their income to £2,700.

She said: "But again, because of where we live and because of the cost of living and things like that, it doesn't touch the sides." She adde d: "Nothing comes above my children having their sports and their clubs. Bar that, we have no luxuries. We don't drive, we don't have cars, and we just about survive."

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She went on to say: "So we claim what we can. We're not fraudulent. We don't, we're not lying. We get Universal Credit because our income is not enough. I hope that clears it up for everyone." In reply, one person wrote: "My partner and I are in the same boat. He works full time and we get around 1k UC. We have two children.

"We still have no money left at the end of the month" Another commented: "My husband brings home £2,400 a month and we get about £1000 sometimes £1200 (he’s self employed) and we still struggle lol don’t understand why there’s such a stigma around UC."

"You're right kids always come first ignore those people who question you. It's ridiculous they think they have a say in it," a third commented. And a fourth said: "Why are people so judgemental ! Ffs leave them alone they are trying their best."

"£2700 a month... I was raising 4 on my own on £1100 a month and you think you're struggling my income was not enough lol,” another said.